Change Isn’t Easy, But It’s Inevitable!

In the era of technology and innovation the lighter is a device that is severely lacking in development and advancement

Butane lighters are long overdue for a revamp! They are a thing of the past, and as such should remain in the past! That is what Lightning Flame is attempting to accomplish. We want to provide a solution to the everlasting issue of replacing your lighter every few days. A solution to getting “BIC’ed” and not being able to identify your stolen lighter... A solution to running out of fuel!

Introducing the Lightning Flame PlasmaTorch™️!

The Lightning Flame PlasmaTorch™️ provides a solution to all of these age old issues!

This windproof, water resistant, rechargeable flameless lighter is a miracle sent from above for all those that use a lighter on a regular basis! Or even those that only use a lighter on the odd camping or BBQ trip! With its unique and aesthetic design, you’ll never get “BIC’ed” again! Your PlasmaTorch™️ will be recognizable from a mile away!

Never worry about your fuel running out! The battery will last for days, and when you run out of juice, worry not, simply plug it in to charge, and you’re all set!

The wind blowing out your flame again?! The PlasmaTorch™️ lighters X shaped plasma beams, produced by electric current, are immune to the strongest of winds! Be it while driving with the window down, or enjoying a day on the ski hill! PlasmaTorch™️ will never be blown out!

Never worry again about your lighter getting wet and not working! The PlasmaTorch™️ is immune to the small amounts of water, such as rainy weather, as the lighter is water resistant!

Weather conditions will no longer be a factor!

You won’t want to miss out on the technological revolution of lighters!

Join Lightning Flame and help innovate the world of lighters!

Get your PlasmaTorch™️

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